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Big changes for Stinger

You could be excused for not being able to keep up with the usual off season chops and changes. This off season more so with the incredible build up to the Worlds in the US.

So how can it get any more exciting you ask? Mainstay of Jet sprinting has changed hands. Stinger Jet Sprint has moved to Foxton, Horowhenua with its new owners, former Jet Sprint Super Boat Champion Richard Burt and his business partner and Super Stock legend Keven Roberts.
Both Keven and Richard are incredibly excited about the future. Stinger was started by Rex and Peter Briant and they developed a hull design that, some would argue, to be the most successful in Jet Sprinting. It has dominated the International Group A series being the NZ Championship winning hull every year since 2002. Stinger has also had huge success in the Super boat field with wins for Peter Briant and Richard.



Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Round 6:

Top Drivers

Suzuki Superboat Class Leaders
1st Peter Caughey/Karen Marshall 169
2nd Graeme Hill/Tracey Webster 165
3rd Leighton Minnell 154

PSP Ltd Group A Class Leaders
1st Sam Newdick/Glenn Mason 148
2nd Paul Gaston/Louise Blythe 142
3rd Bevin Muir/Kathy Muir 127

400 Class Leaders
1st Haydn Wilson/Chris Hausman 143
2nd Warren Farr/Ben Thomas 138
3rd Ollie Silverton/Geoff
Sisterton 132

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...biplanes, jetboats and Richie McCaw...


What do biplanes, jetboats and Richie McCaw have in common?  They were all seen at Wanaka over the Easter weekend this year!

The Oxbow Aqua Track, Wanaka, hosted 43 race teams on April 18th and there really could not have been a more dramatic setting for the New Zealand Jet Sprint Association Championships season finale.  With the clouds holding tight to the surrounding mountains and the rest of South Island being lashed by Cyclone Ita’s high winds and heavy rain, the Oxbow Aqua Track proved to be a haven of relatively calm weather.  It was the RSQKRU, and the boys from the Wanaka Rugby club who were helping out as pushers, who suffered the worst.  They spent much of the day in the cold water of the track, and the temperatures plummeted as the racing went on long into the evening too.


luck and nerves of steel that decides the winners at Wanaka


South Island is groaning under the added weight of jetsprint boats, trailers and teams as they converge on the Oxbow Track, Wanaka, for the last round of the 2014 season which takes place on  Friday 18th April.

It really is coming down to the wire, with the Championships in all three classes up for grabs and the competition as fierce as ever.


rashes, sparks and speed

As the end of the season approaches, even those drivers who are in their rookie season are beginning to feel more at home on the water now they’ve got a few rounds under their belts.  In the 400s class, Ross Travers (On the edge, Heibner Motor Sport) certainly found that to be the case at Shelter View, Wanganui, on Saturday evening when he once again got himself into the Top 12.  “It’s nice to be back here on a familiar track,” he commented after a smooth start to the day, “I’ve found it helps me to learn the rotation.”


"..foot down hard from start to finish.."

The track is filling nicely, despite our very dry summer, and Julia Murray has been getting some tips for keeping the Caveman in order by watching MMA and Muay Thai boxing!  Sounds like Shelter View is ready for Round 5 of the NZJSA Championship 2014 which takes place on April 5th.


Group A boats turned on a show

Cyclone Lusi didn’t cause as much of a problem in Crownthorpe, Hastings, as everyone thought it might, but Cyclone Gaston hit town with a vengeance on Sunday for Round 4 of the NZ Jetsprint Championship 2014.  After winning the 3NZ spot in 2013 he seemed doomed to a season of 3rd places, but Aussie Paul Gaston has finally decided that he needs to be in first place to make the trip worthwhile – a decision that his navigator Louise Blythe is loving.  It also gives the spectators a fantastic day at the races because the competition in the Group A class is hotter than a prawn on a barbeque....more....

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